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Jewellery Page 7

Silver Brooch
Contemporary sterling silver brooch in art nouveau style with the image of a maiden surrounded by flowers. Safety clasp to rear and silver marking. Condition is perfect and new. Approx. size 1.25 inches (3cm).

Ref: mjd281 . . . £36

Silver Brooch/Pendent
Large contemporary sterling silver brooch in art nouveau style. The image of a maiden within a scrolled shield. Safety clasp and silver marking to rear. Can also be worn as a pendent on your own chain. Condition is good and new. Approx. height 3 inches (7.5cm)

Ref: mjd282 . . . £45

Arts & Crafts Brooch c.1890
Large original pewter brooch with blue ruskin style stone. Condition is very good. Approx. width 2.75 inches (7cm)

Ref: mjd284 . . . £65

Silver Brooch c.1900
Arts & Crafts/Nouveau silver and citrine brooch with foliage detailing. Approx. 6cm wide. Condition is good, slight ding in rim mount and very slight bend in pin to rear. No silver mark, but silver

Ref: mjd286 . . . £80

Pewter Brooch
Original Arts & Crafts pewter and ruskin style stone brooch. Blue cabochon to centre. Minor scratches to cabochon. Approx. size 1.5 inches (4cm)

Ref: mjd289 . . . £50

Silver Bar Brooch c.1920
Very pretty delicate brooch. Glass cabochon containing a cameo figure with butterfly wing background. 'sterling silver' marking to rear. Safety clasp. There is a small scratch to glass and slight waving to bar and pin. Approx. size 2.5 inches (6.5cm)

Ref: mjd291 . . . £38

Art Nouveau Style Brooch
Very large metal brooch with the image of a bug and foliage. Safety clasp to rear. This is a whopper of a brooch. Approx. size 4 inches (10cm) Condition is good and new.

Ref: MJD335 . . . £48

Arts & Crafts Pewter Brooch c.1910
Large pretty pewter brooch with a mottled green cabochon to centre. Approx. size 4 cm wide. Condition is good.

Ref: mjd301 . . . £40

Art Nouveau Fairy Perfume Set
Wonderful vintage perfume set. Hand made bottle in a holder in the design of a fairy. Marked 'Repose to' base. Condition is wonderful. Approx. size 9cm high.

Ref: mjd391 . . . £135

Art Nouveau Perfume Set
Vintage perfume set. Handmade glass bottle in a metal holder. Art Nouveau maiden to front. Marked 'Repose' to base. Approx. height 9cm. Condition is wonderful.

Ref: mjd392 . . . £135

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