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'La Poesie' by Bareau
Large Art Nouveau bronze by the French artist Georges-Marie-Valentin Bareau (1866 - 1931). Her title is La Poesie (Poetry). She sits holding a scroll, obviously writing poetry but the quill may not be original to the piece. A top quality bronze by a top artist with fine detailing. Signed Georges Bareau and stamped with the foundry name F. Barbedienne Fondeur. In excellent condition. It measures 19.5 inches (49.5cm) high, base measures 7.5 inches square. In 2008 this same statue sold for £6000 in Sotheby's.

Ref: B270 . . . £3,995

Large Trinkende by Seifert
This is a larger version of Trinkende or Drinker (I also have the smaller one with a gold patina). It was made by the German artist V. Seifert and signed to the bronze base socle, and also marked with the foundry mark - Bronze V F Steinbach. She has a dark green-black patina and measures 17 inches high (43cm). This statue appears in the Berman bronzes books. Condition is very good with a chip to the edge of the marble base.

Ref: B223 . . . £3,795

Bronze Hero Plaque
This lovely bronze plaque is French, and is a 7.5 inch circle framed in a red marble base. The base measures 10 inches wide and 11.5 inches tall. The plaque depicts a clothed man saving a half naked woman from a river? It is signed by the artist in the bronze and I think it says TYRAILL. On the back it is inscribed with gold lettering which reads: MARCEL January 23 1928.

Ref: M76 . . . £340

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